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The Journey

Applying beeswax to cloth in order to prolong the life of food is not a new concept.  There is some evidence that in ancient Egypt  3000 years ago beeswax was applied to flax cloth which protected food from quick spoilage.  

The Chinese have also been doing it for centuries.  My own grandmother used to preserve jam and fruit by pouring  wax seals  onto the molten fruit to seal it shut.

So the idea of using beeswax and cloth has been around for a long time.  

How I came to make humwraps is a story that will be familiar to you.  If you are reading this then I suspect you to have the same desire that I had, and still have.  

That  desire is to make my life and the life of my family as gentle on the earth as I can.  We have all heard of the finite resources that we are collectively literally burning our way through. they estimate now that 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean and of course plastic  - particularly bags and wrapping looks like jelly fish, so is consumed by turtles, dolphins, whales and sea birds.  

I want to be a role model for my children in so many ways.  I want to role model kindness, fun, resilience and leadership.  I also want them to have a livable planet, with enough resources to last humanity for as long as humanity lasts. 

I want them to understand that they are caretakers of our planet - not owners.

When I feel over whelm, that it is all too big and there is nothing I can do.  I choose to not resign myself to those feelings, or to just hope it goes away.  I want to show my children my family and my community that you can do something.  Something real and tangible and helpful.

 I fully support banning plastic shopping bags, plastic water bottles and coffee cups.  I shop at farmers markets, local butchers, bakeries and bulk food stores.  So that I can buy what we need  without having to contribute to plastic.

I buy who gives a crap toilet paper which is plastic free - where ever I can reduce plastic consumption I do it.

But I can do more, surely I can do more.

Humwraps were born out of this desire to not use more than my fair share of resources and to tread as lightly as I can on the earth - to leave only footprints.

I have had a bit of an obsession with fabric - but I have a stunning lack of talent in terms of sewing it together - so I would buy it and then put it in my fabric chest - every few months I would go and look at it and feel it and just love it.

It was while cleaning out our garage in an attempt to simplify our lives that I decided something had to be done with this fabric it couldn't just languish in my chest waiting for some day that never came to be outed into the world.

It was while researching ways to use fabric with out sewing it  that I stumbled across beeswax impregnated cloth for wrapping food to keep it fresh.  It was like an epiphany.  I could turn my fabric into food wrap that was reusable, biodegradable and plastic free and stopped my using cling or glad wrap.  Wonderful!  I started experimenting with different formulas, fabric types and cure time and within a couple of weeks had made more than 100 wraps.  I was delighted with them and loved every little thing about them.

I had made so many that I gave some to my friends, family and clients at our clinic.  They were so popular that people came back to me asking me to make more in different sizes and could they buy them.  So here I am, making humwraps and doing my little bit for our planet.  Helping to reduce plastic and provide beautiful reusable beeswax fabric food wrap.

I love them and I know you will too.

Apart from humwraps I also manage our health clinic in the goldcoast hinterland ion osteopaths. I am a wife and  a mum to 2 awesome boys,  a healer and a writer.  Aside from fabric I am also obsessed with crystals, raw cakes, sci fi fiction books and TV shows, gardening and napping in the sun.

It has been so lovely to share a little bit of me with you!