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Humwrap Sizes


Humwraps come in a variety of sizes to suit every possible need.

 The sizes are approximate, and as with any handmade product there may be a small variation.


Small -  14cm x 15cm - Perfect for half and avocado, onion or  capsicum.  Use for wrapping crackers and cheese, or bliss balls.  Pinch into small pouches for nuts, raisins, or yogurt drops.

Medium -  21cm x 22cm -  Use for wrapping block of cheese, muffins, cookies and biscuits.  sandwiches and wraps. Cover small bowls or dishes.  Use to line tins for making raw cakes and slices. 

Large -  32cm x 34cm.  Fits over large bolws and dishes. Keeps bread crusty and fresh.  Make it into pouches for keeping salad, herbs, and veges fresh and crisp.

Extra large -  42cm x 40cm.  

For large loaves of bread, use as a pastry or dough kneading mat. Use for covering large bowls and dishes.  We love to use humwraps for wrapping gifts - a great way to reduce waste and make the wrapping part of your gift!


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Fabric - Colours and Design


We choose high grade 100% cotton fabric in a vast variety of colourways. Your pack will be made up of a variety of different colours, designs and prints.  We are constantly getting new fabric in, so it is unlikely that your humwrap design will ever be repeated.

 Making them even more special and unique.

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What goes into humwraps - apart from a whole lotta love?

Humwraps are made from:

100% pure cotton fabric.

Beeswax from local sustainable bee hives.

Organic Jojoba oil.

Pine tree resin.

Nothing else.  Simple, renewable, biodegradable perfection.

This mixture is carefully heated then blended together.  It is hand painted onto the cotton f then gently heated to infuse it into the fabric.  

Humwrasps are the cured, before being  folded and packed.

 Every step is done by hand in our studio.

Caring for your humwraps

If you avoid harsh cleaners, heat and scrubbing your humwrap can last up to a year.

Avoid picking dried food off your humwrap.
Instead soak the humwrap in cold water for 1 minute then wipe with a cloth like you would wipe a place mat.

Wash your humwraps in cold water with mild dish washing liquid (plant based is best)  and a cloth. Let them air dry on the dish rack, or dry with a towel.

Don't put them in the dishwasher or washing machine.

 Do not use vinegar or harsh chemicals as this will degrade the humwraps wax coating.

Don't use a brush or scourer to clean your humwraps as this removes the wax coating as well.

Store them flat if possible as the fold line will wear the wax coating off quicker than if you store them flat.

Do not put them in the microwave, oven or in hot water as this  will also melt the wax coating.

Because you can't use hot water to clean the humwraps don't use them with raw meat, fish or chicken.


What to do with your humwrap when it comes to the end of it's useful life.

Because humwraps are 100% natural they are fully compostable, and 100% biodegradable. Simply cut them into strips and put them in your compost.
You can also wrap them around kindling and use as great fire starters for camping or on wood burning fires, or just plant them straight in the ground where them turn back into dirt while feeding worms and microorganisms. Bliss