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Raw Raspberry Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Mousse Slice.

recipes May 17, 2017

You know what my very favourite culinary dessert combination is?  Go on guess.

Yip Raspberries and Chocolate.  It's the tart tang and then the juicy pop of the raspberry combined with the smooth creamy depth of the chocolate.  For me. tis heaven in a mouthful.

Wanna know what else I love?  Raw cakes, slices, desserts - whatever you want to call them.  Because you pulse them together, spread em out, chill them for 15 mins while you rinse the dishes and make a cup of tea - then boom! Grab a fork and a quite spot where you won't be disturbed and tuck in.  

The following recipe is an amalgamation of my usual chocolate truffle balls.  Indeed roll this layer into balls then toss them through coconut and call them chocolate coconut truffles.

The mousse layer is made with avocado, coconut butter (more on that later) honey (Use maple syrup to make it vegan if you wish) salt,  vanilla, and cocoa powder.  Again put this in fancy glasses...

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Humwraps and raw gooey caramel and chocolate slice - perfect partners

recipes Apr 18, 2017

I love this slice it is perfectly paired with a cup of tea after a morning spent making beeswax wraps!  It was while making my latest batch this weekend that I was struck with inspiration on a new way to use humwraps.

You can't use them around heat, but as 'raw' food means not heated, they are the perfect match for making raw cakes and slices.

Raw cakes are so easy to make you toss them together, blitz them,  freeze them for half an hour and you're all ready to go.  Also, my kids love this recipe, even though they supposedly hate coconut oil, raw cocoa, and nuts!

My dad who is a dyed in the wool scones, gingerbread and apple pie lover from waay back. He spent his childhood in the charming but cold Scottish village of Jedburgh, where his mum would bake up a storm of gluten laden cakes and scones because she had four huge boys to feed and they were poor.  When I say huge I mean,  huge my Dad was the smallest at 6'2' his youngest brother was 6'7" and my...

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