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10 Ways to easily Reduce your Plastic use.

plastic May 22, 2017

Plastic.  I know I bang on about it all the time.  I just want us to all start to use less of it and to definitely stop storing our food and water in it.  I wrote this article about the dangers of plastic food wrap and that was one of the leading reasons that I started making humwraps.

It is actually easier than you think to reduce your plastic use.  If you don't get around to all 11 do as many as you can.  It really is true that every little thing you do helps.

1. Take your own shopping bags to the supermarket.  We all have lots of reusable bags and we all forget to take them with us to the supermarket.  Get into the habit of putting them back into your car boot or have them somewhere visible. 

I also have an emergency fold up bag in my handbag.  You know for all those times you just pop into Aldi's and don't have a bag or you're in the shopping center and can't be bothered going back to the car and you only need...

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