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Humwraps and raw gooey caramel and chocolate slice - perfect partners

recipes Apr 18, 2017

I love this slice it is perfectly paired with a cup of tea after a morning spent making beeswax wraps!  It was while making my latest batch this weekend that I was struck with inspiration on a new way to use humwraps.

You can't use them around heat, but as 'raw' food means not heated, they are the perfect match for making raw cakes and slices.

Raw cakes are so easy to make you toss them together, blitz them,  freeze them for half an hour and you're all ready to go.  Also, my kids love this recipe, even though they supposedly hate coconut oil, raw cocoa, and nuts!

My dad who is a dyed in the wool scones, gingerbread and apple pie lover from waay back. He spent his childhood in the charming but cold Scottish village of Jedburgh, where his mum would bake up a storm of gluten laden cakes and scones because she had four huge boys to feed and they were poor.  When I say huge I mean,  huge my Dad was the smallest at 6'2' his youngest brother was 6'7" and my 'brothers' are 6'10" and 7", the all played rugby the all ate, a lot.  My poor Grannie had huge men and very little in the way of meat apart from what the boys could catch in fish or hunt in rabbits.  Flour was cheap plentiful and a wonder ingredient for bulking out meals.  Mince with Dumplings, followed by apple pie.  Split pea soup and scones, often just scones laden with raspberry jam, eaten by the literal dozen. Back then no one had problems with gluten.  Although now all the older men in my family have diabetes, heart disease, and cancers.  Even though Grannie had no choice and she did a great job feeding these men their health declined rapidly.  My father had a massive heart attack at 36 and developed diabetes at 42.  Both his brothers were diabetics with heart problems from their early 40's.  They all smoked heavily and drank heavily - its a recipe for disastrous health.

My Dad, bless him with his diabetes and all still loves cakes.

When I first started turning away from processed sugars, gluten and vegetable oil eight years ago my father hated it all; he would loudly declare " These raw hippy cakes are terrible" lol.

It took me a couple of years to get the recipes right but now I prefer raw cakes to their traditional cousins and when dad comes to visit he devours these and  notices he doesn't feel sleepy or get a headache after eating them and they don't spike his blood sugar.

 I have been trying to tell him for years that his IBS is probably related to gluten.

Alas it falls onto deaf unyielding ears, so all I can do is make delicious raw cakes for him when he visits and smile smugly when he declares " I am so glad you have given up making that horrible hippy food and gone back to 'proper' baking".

Me too dad, me too!

Before I lay down the recipe for you just a word of caution with using the humwrap to line your cake tin.

Humwraps in common with all beeswax food wraps will not tolerate heat of more than about body temperature, it will melt the beeswax coating.  So when making the top layer you need to make sure that the coconut oil and cocoa are very cool before tipping it carefully over the caramel layer.


So here it is:

Raw Caramel and Chocolate Slice  - using a humwrap liner.

Base Layer.

A word on soaking.  While not nesecary it does 'activate' the nuts and renders them more digestable.  I don't always soak the nuts for the base layer because I quite like it a bit dry.

1/2 cup of Almonds - soaked for 12 hours.

1/2 cup of coconut flakes

1/4 cupof coconut oil

1 teaspoon vanilla paste

large pinch of himalayan salt.

Caramel Layer.

10 Medjool dates

1 cup of cashews or macadamia nuts - soaked in water for 4 hours

1/4 cup coconut oil.

Large pinch of Himalayan salt.

Chocolate layer.

1/4 cup raw cocoa.

1/4 cup coconut oil.

1/4 cup maple syrup, rice malt syrup or raw honey.


Line your tin with a suitably sized humwrap - I used a large one.

Then make the base layer.

Put all the ingredients in a thermomix or food processor and blitz until a course consistency.





Then using the back of a  table 

spoon press the mixture into the

tin over the humwrap liner.





Now to make the caramel filling.  

Again place all ingredient into the thermomix and blend until it reaches a smooth consistency.  If it seems very thick add a few tablespoons of water until it feels spreadable.

Now smooth the caramel layer over the base layer - like so . . .

Now to make the chocolate layer.  

Melt the coconut oil, raw cocoa, and what ever type of sweetner you have choosen in a small pan.  I use a whisk to blend everything together.

 Then leave the mixture to get cool.

 I wait at least 15 minutes if on the bench or pop it in the fridge for 7 - 8 minutes.

 It is very important that the chocolate mixture is cool or it will damage your humwrap permanently.

When cool tip the chocolate layer on top.

Now pop it in the freezer to chill for 20 minutes.

When you take it out of the freezer, lift it out of the tin and carfully peel off the humwrap.  Rinse the humwrap in cold water and mild dish soap and leave it to dry.


Cut into slices and devour with joy!

 Preferably in the sunshine surrounded by flowers and bees!

Store in the fridge.  Let me know how it goes if you try it!


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