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10 Ways to easily Reduce your Plastic use.

plastic May 22, 2017

Plastic.  I know I bang on about it all the time.  I just want us to all start to use less of it and to definitely stop storing our food and water in it.  I wrote this article about the dangers of plastic food wrap and that was one of the leading reasons that I started making humwraps.

It is actually easier than you think to reduce your plastic use.  If you don't get around to all 11 do as many as you can.  It really is true that every little thing you do helps.

1. Take your own shopping bags to the supermarket.  We all have lots of reusable bags and we all forget to take them with us to the supermarket.  Get into the habit of putting them back into your car boot or have them somewhere visible. 

I also have an emergency fold up bag in my handbag.  You know for all those times you just pop into Aldi's and don't have a bag or you're in the shopping center and can't be bothered going back to the car and you only need apples, butter, and milk.  Keep one of these handy - they take up no space at all but expand to hold a lot!

2. Plastic water bottles.  Get a stainless steel flask or 3 and fill up at home.  Again a lot of easy plastic wins are just forming new habits.  We are now in the habit as a family of filling out water bottles before we leave the house.  We even have a rule - no flask no water.  Tough?  Not really you will only forget your bottle once in the searing heat that is the Australian summer!

3. Straws.  Straws are fun.  I get it.  But the plastic variety is just so unnecessary You can purchase a 6 pack that even includes a little cleaning brush for under $8 and they will last you forever. Don't even get me started on juice poppers. Check out this link for way more info.

4. Disposable coffee cups.  I love my coffee as much as the next working mother with 2 kids.  which is to say I love it A LOT! Disposable cups contribute an enormous amount of plastic to landfill.  Even the eco friendly ones ll come with plastic lids.  So either take a load off and drink your coffee in house in a ceramic cup - there are few things in the orld tht make me question someones sanity of drinking coffee in house in a takeaway cup!  Get your own reusable cup, or if you do use a disposalbe cup refuse the plastic lids.

5. Don't be so clingy.  Plastic food storage is downright scary and you can read about it here.

My plastic paranoia has been justified as now there are hundreds of scientific studies linking leached plastic chemicals from cling wrapping to fetal defeats host of disorders from, diabetes to obesity. The main problem is that the chemicals in plastic closely mimic the hormones in our bodies.

Get some humwraps, a tin lunch box and glass storage containers especially for food that contains high amounts of fat.  Never store or wrap your food in cling film and definitely do not microwave your food in plastic containers or covered in cling film.  

Not only will the planet thank you for causing less waste but you will also be doing your body a huge favor.

6. Stainless steel ice cubes and ice trays. I kid you not and these are fantastic because thy don't dilute your cold drinks, you can wash them in the dishwasher, they last forever and they are just awesome.  

7. Make your periods waste free.  Yes you heard right. Pads and tampons contain many plastic and wasteful elements.  If you haven't heard of moon or diva cups check them out.  Nothing in this blog is sponsored by any company or business I am just putting out some alternatives for you to try.

8. Choose vegetables that are not pre wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam.  Why I ask you why? Do they do this.

9. Buy in bulk.  You can take your own glass jars and containers to most bulk buy stores and pre-weigh them before buying your sugar, flour, nuts, honey, grain etc.

10. Don't by ballooons, ever. Listen to this  podcast and you will never buy another balloon. 


. . . and lastly .. . 

 11.  Microbeads - These are the teeny tiny particles of plastic in cosmetics and beauty products.  They make that scrub feel scruby and exfoliate your skin.  Basically, tons of this stuff gets washed down the sink and out to sea where plankton and small sea creatures think it is food and eat it.  This article takes a look at what's happening internationally.

That's my two cents worth, I know it was 11.  If you have more to add, and I feel sure you do please comment and add them so we can all share and find out new and exciting ways you're eliminating plastic from your life.



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